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and suddenly...


The production I co-directed has it’s first performance this Thursday. 

As my first time lecturing and directing, this has been a huge learning curve for me, so it is very exciting that we are at the final stages!

“ Many things can wait; the child cannot. Now is the time their bones are being formed. Now is the time their minds are being developed. To them we cannot say tomorrow. Their name is today. ”

—    Gabriela Mistral (1889-1975)

and it begins…

In 23 days I am jumping on a plane to Thailand.

I will be heading to the Makhampom Theatre Group in Chiang Dao, where I will be collecting data for my Honours Research project, “Suddenlies: The Key to Children’s Theatre?”

I’ve been told Chiang Dao is currently sitting at 40 degree heat, with a desperation for rain. It’ll be a change from the frosts of Bathurst. 

A lot has to happen in the 23 days before I go: 3 assignments - each one of them bigger than the last; and a children’s theatre tour of regional NSW. Things are going to get caraaazzyyyy. But they’re also going to get done (hence why I’m writing this blog instead of finishing my essay).  

I’ve created this to keep in touch with my friends and family while I’m away. I’ve never done anything of the like before, so it could be a complete flop - bear with me. It’s not meant to be a deep serious comment on the world, just my observations and meanderings. 

Over and out. Back to this essay.