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and suddenly...


I still like flowers.


These tweets will make you LOL!: These tweets will have you laughing! #2 is super funny!

Nice one Andi

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It’s honestly just so nice to lay next to someone, to be wrapped up in their arms and just sleep for a little bit. It’s like I don’t have to worry about things in that moment. 

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Falling in love with you was actually the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ever.

But how to re-fall?


your partner in crime should be someone who encourages you to follow your dreams, someone who motivates you to discover new dreams, and someone who dreams up dreams with you. i love dreams.

Completely me.


Rediscovering Sydney

Passenger - Let Her Go [Official Video].

sometimes people don’t realise what they had when it was right in front of them.

Great Love

All great love should be expressed.

It should be shouted from the rooftops.
It should be written - letters, music, post-it notes.
It should be shown in a meal, in flowers, in small ‘for-no-reason’ gifts.

In smiles, in kisses, in a look.

Great love should make you burst with happy belly.

If you have great love, shout it to the world. Don’t be embarrassed. Because life is sweet, and anything can happen.

Always been one of my favourite Sydney buildings. Now it’s just around the corner!

I moved in on Saturday, and we got evicted on Tuesday afternoon. Gosh I’m lucky!


So i’ve done it. I’ve finished. It’s been analysed, edited, critiqued, and marked. And I did pretty damn well to be completely honest. 

I haven’t posted or used tumblr all year. I don’t even know if anyone looks at this, or is interested in this. I enjoyed writing whilst travelling, but was always questioning if anyone ever saw what I wrote. 

It’s been a weird year. I feel like I lost who I was as a person more than once. But I have come out the other side, and am trying to re-find what I stood for when I came back from Thailand. I have never been so sure of myself as I was then. And I long for that carefree self-assurance, and the mentality that everything will work out, and to just let that play out. 

I have learnt what it feels like for someone to stick by you through your toughest moments, and how much that means. But also how much that can change and impact the relationship. 

I keep telling myself that 2014 will be better. 

And I’m graduating on Wednesday so that will be a good ‘F#%CK YEAH’ moment.